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■ engine features

● ca4n28c5 euroⅴng engine is developed from ca4d28crzl diesel engine by faw sihuan. this engine is convenient to maintenance and repair as the parts of ca4n28c5 are universal in the market.  

● adopting supercharging and inter cooling technology to be more powerful. ensure economy of the engine by using advanced electronic control fuel injection technology, independent ignition for each cylinder technology and air-fuel ratio closed loop control technology.

● adopting stable and reliable decompressor and air nozzle to ensure the stability of fuel supplying system.

this engine uses high efficient ternary catalyst to do exhaust treatment and the emission level meets euro ⅴ.

● vehicles with the engine can adopt air brake as this engine is equipped with air compressor and also can equip air condition as the engine has air condition bracket. steering easily with power steering pump.

■ application:6-8 meters middle bus,over 3.5 ton light truck and special vehicles.