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ca4gne3 natural gas engine

model features

● ca4gne3 natural gas engine is an inline four cylinder engine, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high performance, low noise, strong power, low gas consumption, long service life, wide range of application. the engine uses the ecu control packet ignition drive scheme, to ensure that the ignition energy of each cylinder; using cng fuel gas rail pressure sensor temperature correction based on, can ensure that the full working area of the engine, the fuel injection quality are as accurate as possible; by the oxygen sensor feedback signal to ensure that the air fuel ratio can accurately control in the theoretical air-fuel ratio near a small window to ensure that after treatment, the catalytic conversion efficiency can keep; unit control gas multi-point sequential injection ecu electronic control, electronic ignition system is automatically controlled by the ecu, the ignition advance angle control in the optimal ignition time.

ultra low noise

the materials and structure of high sound, to ensure the engine has low noise level, the torsion shock absorber to reduce the vibration of the engine, to ensure the stability of the engine work.

cold start.

ecu is used to control the ignition, the water temperature sensor feedback coolant temperature, determine the optimum jet volume; the use of recycled water preheating of the reducer, better cold start.

energy-saving and environmental protection

through the computer to accurately control the gas injection time, injection and ignition advance angle, the gas consumption is lower; the engine clean energy, natural gas as fuel, meet the national iii emission standard, more environmentally friendly, more economical.


matching models for three tons of light truck, van city logistics, strong power of 7-8 meters of city bus, bus and other vehicles.