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ca4d28z ve turbocharged diesel engine pump

model features

the ca4d28z type diesel engine is an inline four cylinder water-cooled engine, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise, long life, high reliability, good economic performance, strong power and other advantages. it uses ve pump fuel supply system, turbocharged, egr technology, can achieve the national iii emission standard.

strong power

the turbocharger technology, improve the engine air intake, resulting in no increase in engine capacity, greatly improve the engine power and torque.

cold start.

the preheating plug and other auxiliary starting control technology, to solve the traditional diesel engine in cold regions of cold start problem, my company's engine can run smoothly starting at 35 deg c below zero.

energy-saving and environmental protection

ve pump fuel supply system through the injection quantity and injection time computer fine-tuning of fuel, high combustion efficiency than the traditional diesel engine, can reach the national iii emission standard.


suitable for matching models for high-grade car light truck, pickup, suv etc.