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diesel engine generator ca4d28f/ca4d28zf

model features

the engine is a direct injection diesel engine for small cars, high performance, with low noise, power, economical, quick starting at low temperature, high speed performance and taste, light weight, compact size, good reliability. the engine is the maximum utilization of 4jb1 diesel engine of social resources, there are 50% parts and general repair, low cost, wide service area, convenient for the user. the thin-wall cylinder technology, good wear resistance, convenient repair.

ultra low noise

the engine gear chamber cover by noise; gear, gear chamber cover, valve chamber cover adopt aluminum material, thereby reducing gear, valve and other mechanical noise transmission; the oil supply system is stable, reliable, effectively reduce the noise of the engine.

cold start.

the preheating plug to preheat the engine, effectively solve the cold start problem.

energy-saving and environmental protection

engine matching high quality, stable performance of the fuel injection pump, injector, governor, effectively reduces the fuel consumption.


can be used for generator factory, hotel, school, bank, station, airport, dock and other places standby power supply for.