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model features

this type of design, the new combustion chamber in our existing models based on still adopts the control system, and the bosch cri2.0 high pressure common rail

with a cold air inlet pressure. the models meet the euro emission standard, and in full compliance with national other mandatory regulations. its characteristic is low

speed of high power, improve fuel economy of light truck, light passenger low speed conditions, which greatly enhance our company product price.

ultra low noise

turbocharged technology can greatly alleviate the diesel engine because of rude noise, while using a cooling fan control technology and fuel optimization

the pilot injection, effectively solves the problem of the diesel engine noise comfort difference problem, noise prevention effect is better than the traditional diesel engine.

cold start.

adopt computer control ( bosch) of each cylinder individually heating technology, to solve the traditional diesel engine in cold regions of cold start problem, i

the engine can run smoothly starting at 35 deg c below zero.

energy-saving and environmental protection

through the computer precision control of the fuel injection and the injection time, high combustion efficiency than the traditional diesel engine, emission levels meet the national iii emission standard.


suitable for matching models: more than 3.5 tons of light trucks, 5 ~ 7 meters in front of the bus.