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ca4d28c4-3a high pressure common rail turbocharged diesel engine

model features

● the diesel engine is my company to meet the market demand, the development of special a drop with inline four cylinder diesel engine, compact structure, low speed of high power, good fuel economy, small volume, light weight, long service life, saving fuel, durability strong, able to play from the low speed region began characteristics of the torque evenly to improve.

good economy

this type is our self-developed a cost reduction of engine, it does not affect the engine performance and the requirements of state laws and regulations cancel unnecessary parts, so as to improve the economy.

low noise

this machine adopts turbocharged technology, largely alleviated the rough running noise.

● the cold start performance

the cylinder heating control ecu, experiments confirm our this model can be successfully started in 30 degrees below zero.


suitable for matching models pickup, light passenger vehicle, suv