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cold type ca4d20tci high pressure common rail turbocharged diesel engine

model features

● ca4d20tci diesel engine is an inline four cylinder diesel engine, and has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high performance, low noise, strong power, low fuel consumption, rapid start at low temperature, long service life, wide range of application. it uses a dohc ( dohc ), electronically controlled high pressure common rail, wgt turbocharged and intercooled turbocharged, vgt, electronic egr, roller rocker arm, hydraulic lash adjuster, synchronous belt transmission and other advanced technology, at the same time, the supply system of the german company bosch crs2.2 common rail injection to control fuel, can be meet euro iv, the euro v emission standards.

ultra low noise

cold technology wgt, vgt turbocharged diesel engine can be greatly relieved because of working rude noise, while using the advanced technology of roller rocker and hydraulic lash adjuster, elimination of the traditional diesel engine valve clearance due to the noise, the diesel engine noise comfort the problem of poor antinoise effect, can close to gasoline machine level.

cold start.

adopt computer control ( bosch ) of each cylinder heating technology, to solve the traditional diesel engine in cold regions of cold start problem, my company's engine can start smoothly running at 35 deg c below zero.

energy-saving and environmental protection

through the computer precision control of the fuel injection and the injection time, high combustion efficiency than the traditional diesel engine, emission levels meet euro iv, the euro v emission standards.


suitable for matching models for high-end vehicle pickup, suv, cuv etc.