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the ca4d28c4-1 type diesel engine, a new generation light-duty diesel engine, meets euro iv standard in development and design and has the advantages of compact structure, high power density, good performance and good reliability. the research on engine structure and vibration noise control technology is carried out; the research on diesel engine after-treatment system matching technology, variable geometry tuborcharger (vgt) matching technology and exhaust gas recirculation (egr) matching technology is carried out; the matching calibration of the light-duty diesel engine is performed; and the reliability development of the engine and the after-treatment system is made. the engine has an innovative combustion system meeting euro iv standard, an electronic control system with proprietary intellectual property rights which realizes the coupling control on the common-rail fuel system, egr system, vgt and dpf system, and a dpf after-treatment system, particularly a trap on-line monitoring, fault diagnosis and reliable regeneration system.

it has high torque at low speed and wide range of maximum torque, and gives the maximum torque within the rotating speed interval of 1,600 to 2600rpm. it has good vehicle acceleration and strong power; and the turbocharging intercooling technology can greatly mitigate the noise of the diesel engine caused by crude operation. in comparison with other high-performance diesel engine, it has low noise as the gasoline engine; cylinders are adopted for heating, and in cooperation with bosch, it researched and developed the electric control system controlled by the computer so as to solve the cold start problem in cold areas and make the vehicles successfully started to drive at the temperature of minus 35 degrees centigrade; the injection volume and injection time of the fuel are accurately controlled through the computer, and the combustion efficiency is improved by 10 percent and the oil consumption is reduced by over 9 percent compared with traditional supercharged diesel engines; and the diesel has the advantages of furthest utilizing the social resources of 4jb1 diesel engines, sharing 50 percent of parts with the 4jb1 diesel engines, enjoying low maintenance cost, and bringing great convenience to users.