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company production ca4d28crz, ca4d28crzl series engine should be the needs of customers at home and abroad were developed four models, pickup series, bread series, lt series and china-pakistan bus series.
ca4d28crz turbo diesel engine is to use the electric control of high pressure common rail style new oil supply technology, and to turbo-charged diesel engine emission performance, to ⅲ countries demand, the dynamic performance, economy, start performance, running smoothness, noise level obviously superior than traditional diesel engine.
the two models injection system for germany bosch of company of the high pressure common rail type oil supply system. the oil supply system mainly by the various sensors, ecu, all kinds of actuators and connecting wire, system of the biggest oil supply pressure for 160 mpa, injection process by bosch edc16c39 type electronic control units (ecu) for automatic control. besides the direct ecu ?
strong power
low speed torque, the maximum torque range wide, 1600 2600 rpm speed interval can send out the maximum torque. the vehicle acceleration.
ultra low noise
compared with the traditional turbo diesel engine, the noise is reduced by 15% or more, to solve the diesel engine noise, the comfort of the poor, the electronic control common rail technology, its response to the gasoline engine performance level.
cold start performance is good
using a cylinder heating, computer control (bosch system), solve the cold area of cold start difficult problem, can be in 35 degrees below zero in the smooth start running.
fuel-efficient environmental protection
through the computer precision control of the fuel injection quantity and injection time than the traditional pressurization diesel combustion efficiency increased by 10%, more than 9% lower fuel consumption.
convenient maintenance
the engine of utmost used a 4 jb1-tc 2 diesel hair.