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in my company to carry out the sojitz tax activities
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012

improve the livelihood of the general requirements of work in accordance with the 2012 municipal party committee and municipal government and the west of the new economy and technological development zone "the people's livelihood and promote the charitable spirit of" solidarity, helping the poor, caring dedication ", extensive mobilization of social forces, and active integration of charitable resourceschangchun faw sihuan engine manufacturing co. trade unions in may 2012 launched a company-wide activities to raise charity funds to help changchun people's livelihood "as the theme of" charitable relief tax "in sojitz. this event raised money for the student, medical help, the disabled, to help the old and the poor and needy class charitable aid project to assist the government to complete the task of six people's livelihood program.
    in the fundraising process, each trade union branch, branch group have been actively take action and step up publicity to mobilize employees to participate in the caring donor activities, offering a total of a love, a warm send. the whole company to company leaders from the grassroots and ordinary employees have for donations to help people who need help with practical action. statistical contributions, donations of up to two million yuan, has been sent to changchun city, west new district civil affairs bureau. fundraising to enrich the social and charitable funds to make a positive contribution to build a harmonious changchun.