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jilin provincial party standing committee, vice governor chen wei root to visit our company research
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012

in the afternoon of may 24, 2012, the jilin provincial party standing committee, vice governor chen wei root of his party who came to our company for the investigation and study, the company president chen yuwen, liu xuezhong, ceo, and accompanied by relevant departments of vice president, visited the ministry of manufacturing, laboratory centers and other departments, followed by a discussion.


    between the assembly line, testing, packaging area, chan wai-root vice governor and his party site visits to the engine production process, details about the production process, technical level, on-site management. experiment center, the vice governor chen weigen seriously asked the r & d and trade of export products. 

    discussion meeting, president chen yuwen first report on the company in recent years enterprises to build and leapfrog development. he said the company achieved these results thanks to the three aspects: first, the provincial government and business leadership of the office of the loving care and strong support; second, institutional mechanisms, management, marketing, outreach operational tools, technology and many other strong innovation; company to work together, smooth and harmonious labor relations and a strong team spirit, a special ability to endure hardship, in particular, to offer, especially to fight the workforce. on the next two years focus and long-term development goals, president chen yuwen, said the company will use this as a new opportunity for development, to increase investment in infrastructure, equipment and r & d, enterprises bigger and do strong.

    the root of chen wei, vice governor of hearing fully affirmed the achievements made by the company, the company's future development, he said that from the policy, and funding aspects should be supported, and engine co., ltd. of changchun faw sihuan into the province export base of mechanical and electrical industries. he also pointed out that my company is still in the beginning of the great development of extremely vulnerable to the market exchange rate in foreign trade, where the country's political and diplomatic impact of changes in risks, hazards and more. in particular, he directed the company to strengthen the policy-oriented research for credit, insurance, foreign exchange rates, settlement, risk to enhance awareness of prevention and to master the methods of prevention.

finally, president chen yuwen, said, with the strong support of the provincial government and relevant departments, our company will continue to vigorously explore the international market, a national brand, tree corporate image and make its own contribution for the development of export-oriented economy in our province.