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the company held the 2010 annual awards ceremony concluded
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012

to celebrate the glorious achievements of the company in 2010 in recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals for outstanding contributions in this year, february 20, 2011, the company consolidated on the first floor hall, the theme of "glory"the 2010 awards ceremony concluded.
company president chen yuwen an important speech at the meeting, and at the meeting to honor the commitment of the 2009 annual meeting - again in 2011 to improve the wages of all employees, to enhance the rate of 30%, all employees hear the news the momentum of high , an increase of confidence in 2011 and create greater glories. subsequent ceo liu xuezhong do the work report of 2010: double output, sales double, profits rose a half, one after another impressive performance exciting.
        2010 outstanding job the staff at the conference to get the public recognition of the company: advanced collectives and advanced team, advanced workers, outstanding managers, the company awarded the honor certificates and cash prizes. the last leadership and all staff happily drinking to celebrate the harvest in 2010.