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tetracyclic first games - city of victoria take off
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012


changchun faw sihuan engine manufacturing co., the first games in a high degree of attention and loving care of the company leaders at all levels in the factory to do the careful preparation for the next, august 25, 2010 was successfully held. games, the entire factory staff composed of four square team, one by one admission in order to accept the leadership of the review. after the parade, an opening statement by the executive president liu xuezhong, announced by the company president chen yuwen first games officially began.

the games women's men's 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 400 m relay and 2,500-meter cross-country track and field events, as well as the care of the ball 50 meters to run, crab back watermelons, 5 people 6 feet and other fun projects. arena, the personal project is to scramble and climb up the first. the group project is brainstorming retreat together. bustling. i feel most of the 2500 m cross-country project. about 50 people took part in the project, most of the almost young participants, aged largest should be the master of our sales center lvyuan sheng, 60 years of age. and he took the initiative to participate in this project, and a good score of 21 to finish the race. many young people are lu master falls behind (including me), which shows good body needs physical exercise. i would like to convene the purpose of the games, including to increase employee awareness of health, and enhance the physical fitness of employees. now many of our young people is often overlooked that relied on the benefits of their own young and did not realize that physical exercise and develop bad habits such as: stay up late evening. by the competition of the project, i deeply appreciate: we need to strengthen the exercise, we need to respect their bodies.

finally, the player who has satisfactorily completed the event, chen yuwen, president of the company, made an important speech: the president told us that the coming year, the company will also organize the games, and will be more grand. the president asked us to, in the collective activities in the future, we need to show more enthusiasm, more enthusiastic. work, hard work and the company together, stick to their own positions, the company continued to move forward. strive to make this year's output reached 6 billion. successful conclusion of the games after president chen speech.

this is a grand games. we got the strong support of the leadership of the company, the wide arena, festival atmosphere, warm scenes of passionate momentum of the distinctive features of the games, congress scene grand, large-scale festival, is an exciting, stimulating endeavour's event. games, each race can get the audience refueling, and shouting and bursts of applause. staff performance sport games, singing, gymnastics, military and police boxing, etc., constantly leaving the general assembly climax.

this is a civilized games. the games in the entire factory staff are able to very united, very disciplined, very particular about health, we not only match the level of sports, and race out of the spiritual civilization. all plant employees demonstrated a high degree of self-discipline, self-reliance, self-awareness, subject to arrangements, and discipline. the players are humble in victory and defeat. afraid of the heat the entire staff of their duties under the scorching sun, serious and responsible, fair and selfless, showing a strong sense of responsibility. the company's leadership has been on the podium watching the game seriously. throughout the scene, all employees are filled with pride and joy, work up the passion, all the staff have demonstrated perseverance, tenacity and hard work, not afraid of difficulties, the first to excellence aggressive awareness and fighting spirit of the games other a beautiful landscape, the staff of our factory and ethical quality continuous improvement of up to unite a powerful witness.

this is a meaningful games. through the games, we felt the warmth of the enterprise, and feel the company better. he makes us more aware of staff unity, cooperation between, to know how hard. let's common wish our business is getting better and better, i wish our company's output has been rising.