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jilin provincial party secretary sun zhengcai to visit our company research
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012

the morning of june 10, 2010, the jilin provincial party secretary sun zheng, provincial standing committee and executive vice governor zhu yanfeng, vice governor of jilin province wong cho following changchun party secretary gao guangbin changchun municipal committee, mayor of changchun cuijie deng and his party who came to me company inspections, investigations, company president chen yuwen, liu xuezhong, ceo, and relevant departments of vice president, accompanied by specialized, all employees of the company pleased with a tense atmosphere to greet the arrival of the provincial party secretary sun zhengcai line.

sun zhengcai secretary-depth assembly line test, the packing area field trips to the engine production process, to learn more about the production process, technological level, sales, and earnestly asked the enterprises to build the development, chen, liu, who is very kind enough to sun zhengcai secretary to report the situation, chen said the company in recent years the newsflashes development, inseparable from the provincial, municipal leadership of the concern and efforts of all staff, can not do without is the background of the inside and outside the province development and superior international economic policy, the company now domestic and international market performance year after year a steady increase in the good momentum of development. sun zhengcai secretary frequent smile and nod, and the development of the company was pleased.

sun zheng was secretary stressed engine industry, "technology research and development level of the development of enterprise key where, in the corporate construction of the development process, must want to focus on to improve r & d capability, aimed at industry, the development of cutting-edge, speed up technological achievements transformation and application, continue to develop the science and technology content is high and good market prospects of the products, improving product competitiveness to seize greater market share, provide strong support for enterprise development and protection. he also suggested that by strengthening internal management, improve product quality and the level of service, to overcome our difficulties, overcome difficulties and constantly enhance their ability to resist risks, to win the opportunity of in-depth development, and strive to enterprises bigger and stronger.

president chen said the company never live up to the expectations of all the leaders in the strong support of the provincial government, municipal government, the firm sold a machine to win a heart, and integrity for the user to create the situation a hundred years "business philosophy improve the service concept, a positive innovation. rely on the domestic market at the same time, to develop the international market and establish a corporate image, create a national brand. economic and social development of jilin province, and make due contributions for the creation of prosperity, changchun, harmony changchun!

(department of business management li weizhen reported technical department training objectives of filming)