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our exhibitors first in changchun, china venture (employment) expo
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012


may 19 -22 days, the company entrepreneurial business representatives as the changchun automobile industry development zone, the first held at the convention center in changchun, china business (employment) expo. during the exhibition, changchun automobile industry development zone party work committee sunguo wu, deputy secretary of the wang of visits exhibition layout situation, very pleased with the active cooperation of the exhibition company; the sun guowu secretary asked in detail about the progress of the company's external cooperation projects, fully affirmed the achievements.

    type engine i display ca4d28crz to attract large crowds to visit the masses expressed a keen interest in the engine, a lot of viewers with the engine to take pictures, shooting the video of the engine details, the staff of the issues raised by the masses one by one to explain, the audience have praised our company uses advanced technology of high pressure common rail and turbo ca4d28crz diesel engine by the majority of praise has become a major highlight of the expo venture hall.