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2011 the year of the first suppliers meeting a complete success
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012

march 30, 2011 the first supplier conference in 2011 concluded the supplier meeting a complete success, meeting a great success, reaching the target.
2011 is a crucial strategic turning point year, the joint majority of suppliers do a good job and spare parts supply will be the engine product quality and improve our company to expand market share, enhance the company's visibility and enhance the competitiveness of the company's products will have a strategic far-reaching significance.
material procurement department, office, sales, r & d, quality assurance, ministry of planning and finance department at this meeting to work together to do all the preparatory work of the assembly to ensure that the convocation of the conference.
content of the speech of the general assembly president chen yuwen liu xuezhong, vice president chen xu, ceo made ​​a prominent theme, language, sincere, and supplier representatives listen attentively not times with warm applause, was deeply moved.
at the technology research and development, minister of fan chan ming and sales services minister zhang junsheng, engine products and market distribution, quality security minister do not jing stresses the company's quality requirements for all suppliers, the three ministers said content are and meticulous wonderful, fully in place.
the conference president chen yuwen, "mutual benefit, and succeeding together to create development" theme of the meeting under the guidance of the good atmosphere of friendly cooperation, the harmonious development of both fired the company's brand, but also to promote engine zero parts procurement carry out the work. suppliers will continue to fully support our company, succeeding together to create a development. (office zhang honghui report)