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the ninth changchun qi bohui july 15 taimukaiqi
source:china automotive research network integrated author:shangzhi date:6,10,2012

after 13 years, consecutive eighth polished, changchun steam exposition has been among the ranks of the country's top car show. reporters learned from changchun qi bohui press conference held on the 18th, people look forward to a full year of the ninth china (changchun) international auto expo opened in changchun international convention and exhibition centre will be held july 15 -22 curtain.

180,000 square meters, the world's car show big stage

the ninth china (changchun) international auto expo theme of "green • action • car city". the theme of interpretation of the trend of today's global automotive industry to the development of green energy, low carbon direction of environmental protection and the industrial base of changchun city, the construction of world-class car, to create the goal of the international automobile city.

the current auto expo aims to revitalize the automobile industry, to create international automobile city ". targeted at the ninth china (changchun) international auto expo accomplishing the domestic first-class professional car exhibition, prominent internationalization, specialization, brand characteristics, making the automotive trade, technological exchanges, investment cooperation, cultural blend platform to play a greater role to accelerate the construction of world-class automotive industry base, and build the changchun international automobile city.

the exhibition is organized by the china international trade promotion committee, the chinese society of automotive engineers, the china association of automobile manufacturers, the people's government of jilin province, changchun city people's government. organizer committee of changchun city, china international trade promotion committee, the special support unit of the china international trade promotion committee, the automotive industry branch execution unit changchun berry international exhibition group.

it is reported that on july 13 -14 days for media vip day; july 15 -17 days for the professional audience; july 18 -22 days for the general audience to date. steam exposition will be held on july 15 opening ceremony.

automotive group and car brands of domestic and international mainstream, the current auto expo will be exhibitors, is expected to total exhibition area of ​​180,000 square meters. among them, the interior of 96,000 square meters, 84000 square meters outdoor.

combining static and dynamic display has been the characteristics of changchun steam exposition is different from other auto show. static display of the current steam exposition include: changchun international convention and exhibition center, hall 1-8 for passenger cars pavilion; 1-5 the the museum huanlang and 2-5 hall corridor for the automotive supplies and parts exhibition; outdoor exhibition field a total of eight galleries: for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, modified vehicles, engineering vehicles, outdoor passenger car exhibition and two media exhibition.

the dynamic show car sports activity area, including the establishment of the north sea road car park will be held in the test drive, vehicle performance experience.

changchun city council for the promotion of international trade, president of lihua ninth changchun automobile expo will be the world to show the global automotive industry in the new achievements in science and technology innovation, which focuses on the show the results of independent innovation of china's automobile industry, in particular, new energy, new electric vehicle new breakthroughs in the field, reflecting china's automobile industry capacity for sustainable development and prospects.

based on the auto show, to create an international city car

today, the significance of the steam exposition can not be confined to the show itself, it is a cohesion of the people, expand exchanges and promote the development of effective carrier and platform to accelerate the revitalization of a very rare opportunity.

over the past decade, the changchun automobile fair has been adhering to specialized, market-oriented brand, the international exhibition concept, ufi certified auto show is the second following the shanghai auto show. especially in the eighth changchun automobile expo held in 2011, the exhibition area of ​​180,000 square meters of new breakthroughs, the site sells a variety of vehicles the first time ten thousand, size, grade reached a record high. changchun automobile fair has become an important vehicle to showcase the latest achievements of the development of automobile industry, to promote the province the city opening up an important window to accelerate the development of the city's automobile industry, related industries rapidly growing as an important platform to promote technological exchange, promote trade plays an important role.

in addition, the steam exposition also has strong radiation and stimulating role, the combination of a strong flow of people, logistics, capital flow, technology flow, project flow, information flow, and effectively lead and lead transport, catering, hotels, trade, the development of advertising industry, has achieved good economic and social benefits.

at the same time, the steam exposition has made a positive and tremendous contributions to the rapid economic development of the city's convention and exhibition. through the organization of steam exposition, through the ladder climb, zhuchaoyinfeng, invited a number of domestic and foreign guests, the industry's elite long attend the fair, showing the city's tolerant atmosphere "," civilized and open image of the city, let the world know in changchun changchun to the world, greatly enhance the city's international reputation and influence.

as the motor city, the city combined with the actual introduction of the changchun automobile industry development "five projects" plan ". proposed changchun auto industry to implement the restructuring, industrial upgrading, capacity expansion, further develop and expand. 2012, the city new vehicle production capacity of 1 million new engine production capacity of 1 million units, the new gearbox production capacity of 1 million units, the new special purpose vehicle production capacity of 100,000, the new 100 billion yuan of output value of auto parts . therefore, this steam exposition is to show the image of the city of changchun "motor city", is clearly the proper meaning in the title.

, to attract the eyes of the world's attention

in 2006, china (changchun) international auto expo successful international exhibition union (ufi) certification, following the shanghai auto show, the second international exhibition union (ufi) certified professional motor show. since then, changchun steam exposition, an exhibition of the high frequency of occurrence in the media.

it is understood, to mark the launch of this year's auto expo, to expand our coverage to attract domestic and foreign from all walks of life to actively participate in the ninth auto expo of the executive committee will conduct all-round, multi-angle, the series of media coverage, reaching publicity changchun to promote the purpose of changchun. first, to improve the influence of changchun steam exposition at the international, domestic cctv and direct media widely publicized changchun qi bohui. the second is to strengthen the publicity linkage in the northeast region, through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, network and other media in the northeast region all-round, three-dimensional publicity changchun qi bohui. third, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the city's news media, to create a good atmosphere of public opinion, the formation of the city's upper and lower support, care of the good situation of the steam exposition; is actively attracting international and domestic media to visit the long car show, swap through the media booth, such as cooperation , and strive to more media and journalists to long media coverage. changchun auto show is the gold standard around the world, car city of changchun spread throughout the world.