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more energy-efficient high-pressure common-rail diesel technology of bosch
source:auto house author: date:6,10,2012

shows some of the technical achievements used in diesel engines, the application of these technologies makes the diesel engine in the low-noise, high efficiency and low pollution in the guangzhou auto show as the world's major r & d and manufacture of high-pressure common-rail diesel engine, one of germany boschaspects of progress.

    bosch set of high-pressure common rail fuel injection pressure up to 2000bar, higher injection pressure fuel atomization better, more fully, to further improve the engine combustion efficiency, according to the size of the engine can be equipped with different high-pressure pump, making this technology a broader extent.

"the diesel engine is relatively more economical

      bosch also applied a number of fuel injection technology, in a cycle of the engine fuel injection is divided into pre-injection, main injection and post-injection in three stages. similar to pre-injection egr exhaust gas recirculation can reduce the temperature inside the cylinder, thereby reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides, can also reduce combustion noise, and then spray can reduce the emissions of particulate matter in the exhaust at the same time the technology can be calculated separately for each cylinder of each fuel injection quantity and precise fuel injection time, which also make full use of every drop of oil, improve the economy.

      the core components of this technology is the fuel injector, the bosch injector developed to dynamically adjust the nozzle needle and two injection interval. not only does it have to complete the injection pressure up to 2000bar jet several times within a very short time.


      the diesel engine is a more efficient, energy saving and low pollution power systems, this view has gradually been people perceived and accepted by, powered by diesel engines of passenger cars, but due to national policy and the conditions of short-term inside or difficult to promote the open.