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24 upgrade 2010 pentium b70 2010
source:faw sihuan engine author: date:6,10,2012

in the afternoon of september 16, 2010 pentium b70 listed "was held in beijing kerry centre hotel. 5 internal and external image of the brand new 2010 models b70 pentium formally meet with the public. wangfachang, deputy general manager of faw car co., ltd., general manager of faw car sales ltd geshu wen, cui dayong, deputy general manager and more than 200 media reporter nearly 300 people witnessed listed on the 2010 pentium b70.

pentium b70 is faw's heavyweight since 2006 listed, and its cumulative sales have exceeded 100,000. the matrix reloaded 2010 pentium b70 faw adhering to the corporate philosophy of "aggressive than a masterpiece. 2010 pentium b70 vehicle in 09 models on the basis of a total of 24 products upgrade, and once again reinforces its primacy as the star of the chinese automobile market value for money "strength".

2010 pentium b70 faithfully inherited 09 models of excellent powertrain and control platform with six-speed manual gearbox or five-speed tiptronic transmission, this configuration it is very good fuel economy. in tcs, dsc, electronic control system to help the 2010 pentium b70 showed high stability in bending.

 after the new facelift of the 2010 pentium b70 to take the shape of the mouth structure of the international pop, radiator grille, the total