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vice premier li keqiang inspected the faw
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

on the afternoon of august 31, hu jintao, vice premier li keqiang in the jilin provincial committee secretary wang min, governor of han, provincial standing committee of changchun party secretary gao guangbin accompanied inspection of faw. faw group general manager xu a, party secretary zhao fang wide welcome vice premier li keqiang and his party, the leadership of the party standing committee, huang wenchang and faw car company in front of the car company.


vice premier li keqiang in the red flag cultural pavilion to watch the red flag sedan

vice premier li keqiang and the liberation of its trucks factory employees cordial conversation


vice premier li keqiang to listen to in the faw - volkswagen products

vice premier li keqiang faw to the independent cause of bigger and stronger

vice-premier li keqiang first came to the faw car company red flag cultural exhibition hall, before the faw, a "wind" sedans, xu a general manager reporting to the vice premier li keqiang said, faw, july 15, 1953 began the foundation , 1956, production trucks, 1958 to create the first one, "dongfeng" brand cars, and sent to beijing to take to chairman mao zedong. xu li keqiang has always introduced red flag sedan series models. vice premier li keqiang to seriously listen to the report, a close look at each kind of car, and learn more about the technical performance.

subsequently, li came to the front of the car company, by cars to watch placed where the faw hybrid liberation bus, the liberation of natural gas hybrid electric bus and the pentium b50 plug-in hybrid cars, the pentium b70 hybrid cars, he has to go on natural gas hybrid electric bus, watching the bus interior, asking the dynamic performance; before the pentium b70 hybrid cars, the vice premier li keqiang listened xu zhao fang wide introduction of the vehicle dynamics and other aspects of performance. vice premier li keqiang expressed satisfaction with the faw hybrid bus, the car's performance and market performance.

by the warm welcome of the staff in the faw - volkswagen plant, vice premier li keqiang visited the production line, he came to the anatomical front of the car carefully listened to, when learned the anatomy of the car in order to allow users to see the body structure, the use of materials, the quality is more trust, vice premier li keqiang personally touch, feel the quality content of the faw - volkswagen vehicle products. xu zhao fang wide, and the leadership of faw - volkswagen introduced, vice premier li keqiang watched the various products of the faw - volkswagen ag.

truck plant in the liberation of the company, xu li keqiang has always reported on the research and development of independent truck, li boarded the liberation of j6 heavy truck, got into the cab, feeling the comfort of independent truck. xu a detailed technical performance and advantages of self-liberation. vice premier li keqiang when visiting the assembly line stopped at the chassis assembly line workers assembly, asking workers in assembly time, the number of nissan, asked the master workers to pay attention to the body. during the visit, vice premier li keqiang and production workers shook hands and posed for pictures, accompanied by leaders and employees.

li keqiang, vice premier before he left holding xu and zhao fang-wide hand and said, thanks for your contribution to the development of china's auto industry, i hope the faw to the cause of the autonomous vehicle is bigger and stronger. the presence of the staff to warm applause farewell to vice premier li keqiang and his entourage leave the faw.