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the faw products fifth appearance in the east fair
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

at 9 o'clock on september 1st, the 5th china jilin? northeast asia investment and trade expo (hereinafter referred to as "east fair") opened in changchun international convention and exhibition centre. faw group to bring the hybrid cars of the pentium b50, pentium b70, xiali n3 , 4 weizhi sedan vehicle (2) of the country's leading engine ca12gv6.0 and ca6gv3.0 focus on appearance, the current east expo automotive products section the protagonist of the most attractive sight.


the opening scene of

faw stand

the faw group's exhibition theme of "intentions quality and intentions of the future." own brand products on display at different levels, reflects the strength and the results of independent research and development of the faw group, also reflects the continuous efforts for the development of new energy vehicles and the pursuit of interpretation of the faw group to actively build the strength of the "independent faw, automobile, faw "desire and determination.


it is reported that the current northeast asia expo lasted six days, will be closed on september 6, faw's own products will be most fully in the event of this investment cooperation show.