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new senya faw standard will enable the national launch in september
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

recently, this reporter learned from the faw jilin automobile co., ltd.: into the faw group's own brand system faw senya in network development, marketing and other aspects of the preparations are in full swing to promote, and will be held in september 2009 nationwide sales.


senya small passenger car platform in toyota's 2004 world-class research and development of an innovative multi-purpose vehicle, his versatility, as well as the characteristics of the sedan off, not only meets a small utility vehicle in the use of functional a variety of needs, from the point of view of security and economy, but also mini-bus and updating the preferred model.


although the framework of cooperation with daihatsu changes, faw jilin automobile and big hair in the future will continue to cooperate on a technical level, the big hair in the production technology, parts supply and after-sales service to support the faw jilin automobile , senya production, sales and service is not affected by the "for standard". meanwhile, with the faw group continued to increase efforts to support their own brands and faw jilin auto, senya will usher in a new period of development.


it is understood that after the exchange standard the senya independent process will gradually speed up, and the strong support of the faw group's own brand camp. faw jilin auto faw group mini-car base, is an independent strategy of the faw group and is responsible for the important task of "faw mini-car brand to create high-quality, high-tech and high practical value. therefore, the faw group and faw jilin automobile after the independent senya has high expectations, and has invested a lot of resources. prior to the faw and large the two sides reached an agreement according to company revealed, senya technology platform will continue to use by the faw jilin auto, daihatsu will provide long-term technical support. , senya chassis technology uses advanced rear-drive and front mcpherson five-link suspension, equipped with a the daihatsu imported dvvt engine on the power, advanced technology platform senya has an excellent power , handling and economy. the future, faw jilin auto will also rely on this platform independent development and production of a variety of practical derivative models, including small suv, cross-border car to meet consumers' diverse needs of, and adhere to quality vehicles to provide high practical value type direction. faw senya has a comprehensive and integrated strength advantage, known as a versatile, high utility value and high-quality models, called "paradigm". technically, have from toyota's innovative multi-functional global strategic vehicle platform; have imported dvvt engines equipped with the at gearbox; function, large space, strong load, high through sex; security has a hatchback body structure, a comprehensive security configuration.


faw jilin auto official said, faw-senya in the case to ensure product quality and configuration of the same product type, color, price in the optimal adjustment, truly meet market and user needs. prior change faw standard the senya there will be a substantial price adjustment of public opinion, faw senya will uphold to provide consumers with more cost-effective, high practical value for the principle, and strive to maximize the satisfaction of consumer demand.


industry experts believe that the the senya listing of the past two years is the reason why did not achieve the desired sales channel is a very real problem. previously, senya national has 84 outlets, compared with the competitors at every turn hundreds of 4s shop, inherent in the channel on a serious impact on market performance and development. according to this situation, faw jilin auto to develop a number of simultaneous development of the quality of the network expansion plans: with the power of network expansion of the micro car of faw group, about three years time, senya sales outlets to reach "a network capable, the two outlets throughout the standards, a substantial increase in senya terminal extension. faw jilin car will strive to enhance the sales and service outlets and profitability while increasing sales outlets to promote the continuous improvement of the dealership service quality and marketing capabilities.


faw jilin auto made it clear that consumers are more concerned after the "senya exchange standard, sold vehicles is able to be guaranteed", the interests of existing owners of all after-sales service will not be affected in any vehicle maintenance, repair and parts supply can still be met through existing networks, and with the the senya sales service network expansion and upgrade, the senya users will enjoy a better quality and convenient service than in the past. according to reports, in order to ensure product quality, will be independent after the senya daihatsu imported the engine dvvt and rear axle assembly of ckd parts of these key daihatsu will continue to provide long-term.