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faw-5 into the 09 chinese car all-star lineup
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

recently, sponsored by the china automotive news, "2009 china automotive all-star team list revealed layers of selected industry experts, senior media reporter, and some professional readers, a total of 19 glorious list, faw group 5were selected. among them, the pi-jie, general manager of faw car company, was elected annual growth companies ceo / president; qian heng wing, faw wuxi diesel engine factory was elected to the "engine of the year enterprises ceo / president; original faw toyota motor sales executive deputy general manager, now faw car company deputy general manager of wangfachang elected annual business innovation people "; faw toyota motor sales original aftermarket faw - volkswagen audi sales division vice president xiao min was elected" the year the director of marketing; services minister su tao was elected the annual after-sales service director.

it is understood that the car of the year all-star team contest, founded so far has been the 6th, the award for the glorious course of the record of the domestic auto industry entrepreneurs and professional managers of people to demonstrate their professional image. at present, the all-star team selection has become china's auto industry with professional quality and influence the activities of a platform to demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurs and the presence of excellent professional managers of the domestic auto industry, faw group's selected five people, is the biggest winner, showing the accumulation of faw car sales, production and management, service and other areas of strength and talent.