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corolla corolla family games landing in changchun
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

from faw toyota, the first station of the message: "corolla corolla family games" in xi'an before the successful conclusion of the subject from consumers, the media and other parties praise. august 8, faw toyota corolla corolla family games he moved to changchun, the corolla owners and their families to participate in the activities in a relaxed atmosphere, the feeling of excellence charm of this "the most reliable family sedan".

the corolla why reliable

the corolla since its birth in 1966, with its high quality and high performance to win the favor of consumers around the world. at the end of 2008, corolla global cumulative sales of more than 35 million sales to almost mythical in support of their most trusted family car "in the title. tenth generation corolla corolla and corolla ex corolla, in the chinese market for two years, also subject to domestic consumers, in 2008, the sales figures of 217,000, ranked as the top domestic mid-size car market. 2009 corolla achieve the full line of goods after the upgrade to trigger a new round of sales boom in may, for two consecutive months of june, orders more than 18,000 sales in july with more than 20000.

august, faw toyota corolla ex corolla preferential price is only $ 9.98 million, cost-effective once again increased dramatically, especially for first-time car buyers, the attraction can not be underestimated. faw toyota full impact of the 1.6-liter, and compete for the top spot of the mid-size car market, struggling to strike.

meanwhile, in order to allow more consumers to better understand corolla corolla and its brand culture, faw toyota in august held in three major capital cities corolla corolla family games, together with the majority of owners to share corolla corolla this trusted family car "happy car life.

"peace of mind of the family car

safety is the most important prerequisite of the family car. corolla corolla family games before the start of keynote lectures, lecturers vividly explained corolla corolla's safety performance. corolla corolla unique toyota goa safety body, its energy absorbing body and high intensity cockpit design can effectively reduce the degree of deformation of the cab when the collision occurred, the maximum protection of cockpit space. at the same time, with the front two-dual srs air bag, side srs air bag, curtain srs airbag and front seat preload force limiters seat belts, to reduce occupant injury in the accident. challenge the "zero casualties, zero accidents," the ultimate goal, the pursuit of the actual safety of automotive products. whether it is the highest rating of the c-ncap, the european e-ncap and japan's j-ncap, corolla carola won the five-star or six-star (j-ncap six weeks maximum).

'heart' yu '"family car

corolla corolla excellent home it has been the word of mouth, and the games from the other side shows corolla corolla driving performance. activities link through the minefield, have a great test of the vehicle's handling and cornering accuracy. corolla corolla with vsc vehicle stability control system, the trc traction control system, ba brake assist system, eps electronic power steering systems, etc., throughout the course of the activity, secretly to play a role in the safety of participants quickly to complete the established project escort. corolla corolla beyond the flexibility to bring the same level of 5.2 m turning radius, great contribution not only in the game, but also in the process of daily use for the owners to bring convenience beyond imagination.