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more than 1,200 college graduates entry faw
source:china first automobile group author: date:6,10,2012

professional life from the initial the faw welcome our students "in the early morning of august 4, faw usher in the first batch of 2009 university graduates who came to report, report the place of early childhood education center on the third floor conference room, a fewan orderly one hundred college students apply for entry registration formalities.

new employees to handle the registration formalities

it is understood that this year there will be more than 1200 university graduates from across the country to work in the faw on all fronts, while helping to welcome the arrival of these college students as soon as possible familiar with the history and culture of the faw group corporation not only presented the report to every college student a fine the dongfeng dragon cars, but also one-day induction training activities organized on august 11, including faw historical development, corporate culture, product types and production operating conditions. many students have come to report to have said: to faw work they have been longing for, so they will treasure this opportunity as soon as this piece of fertile ground on a faw growth, but also for the development of enterprises to make their own contribution.