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the new audi a6l 10 model year heavy equipment listed
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

august 3, faw - volkswagen audi announced the new audi a6l 10 years the official listing of the price range of 35.5 million - 69.6 million, effective immediately, around the audi authorized dealers started to accept reservations. the launch of the new year type 4 displacement of 10 different configuration models the whole system comes standard with a hard drive-based 3d navigation features, the third generation of the mmi system and equipped with audi's latest engine technology and superior user-friendly valued equipment.

located in the central knob at the top of the joystick for 8 direction can be adjusted, accurate feedback input instruction


as the champion of the world's high-end c-class car sales in the past two years, in the first half of 2009, the audi a6l outstanding performance, a total of 46,356 units sold, market share was further increased to 64%. the launch of the 10 model year to cater to the trend of chinese consumer demand for efficient and environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable, user-friendly high-end administrative cars will further consolidate the a6l can not be copied, "the executive car model" status.


new rear passengers to adjust the front passenger seat horizontal position function

the new audi a6l 10 years the biggest bright spot is the first time applied to domestic models, the third generation of the mmi, the new concept of hard-drive-based 3d navigation system, a comprehensive upgrade of the user interface and powerful multimedia entertainment features make it worthy that the luxury sedan in the most humane of automotive multimedia systems.


nvidia graphics driver in the world's leading 3d map will focus on buildings in the city to the three-dimensional model shows that the orientation of the road and building height, such as virtual reality-like show in front of the driver, so as to achieve a the ground, a glimpse of recognition of the effect. in addition, the new system also introduces the design concept of the mobile phone navigation keys and game controller, an 8-direction joystick above the central knob to allow motorists to navigation and dvd player, with one finger high-precision operation. this not only makes operation convenient to achieve an unprecedented degree, and also greatly improved the safety of driving. in addition, the new system equipped with 40g high-speed storage hard disk and increased 7-inch high resolution lcd screen is also worth noting.


the new audi a6l 10 years with the most advanced high-end executive cars, the most abundant engine configuration. the 2.8 fsi and 3.0 tfsi two efficient gasoline engine called the star of the audi global engine strategy. the 3.0 tfsi engine is the latest top version of audi's v6 engine, the perfect combination of gasoline direct injection and supercharged with more than eight-cylinder machine power and high fuel efficiency. it can output 213 kw (290 hp) maximum power and 420 nm. meters of powerful torque can make the new audi a6l can accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds, and 90 km / h 100 km fuel consumption constant only 7.9 liters. another 2.8 fsi engine the audi global leader in using innovative audi variable valve lift system (avs), 90 km / h constant speed fuel consumption of only 6.7 liters / 100 km. it is worth mentioning that the standard adjustable air suspension, as the flagship model, the new audi a6l 3.0tfsi. unique to the same level model leading configuration, allows drivers to adjust the chassis system features according to driving speed and road conditions, to meet the needs of the different driving style.


the new audi a6l 10 model year based on the immediate needs of chinese users, an increase of a humane and equipment from the top-level luxury sedan: the rear passengers to adjust the function of the front passenger seat horizontal position. this feature allows rear passengers to adjust the rear leg room at any time, the rear design concept reflects the the a6l most humane. the original audi side assist system (audi side assist) can be more proactive security protection, providing motorists with flashing lights to remind drivers side rear blind spot of vehicles overtaking, ensuring a safe lane change. in addition, the cover front / side / full range of led lighting systems, intelligent key, solar sunroof, reversing the image and the rear-seat entertainment package is also fully demonstrated the characteristics of audi a6l focus on humanity and active safety.


a6l 10 years price



price (yuan)

a6l 2.0 tfsi basic


a6l 2.0 tfsi standard (manual)


a6l 2.0 tfsi standard (automatic)


a6l 2.4 technology-based


a6l 2.4 comfort


a6l 2.4 luxury


a6l 2.8 fsi comfort


a6l 2.8 the fsi luxury


a6l 2.8 fsi quattro luxury


a6l 3.0 tfsi quattro luxury