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faw among the world's machinery 500 38
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

the great hall of the people in beijing on july 30 released the general assembly of the world top 500 machinery held faw group in 38.

world machinery 500 "list of the world's first comprehensive comparison of the world's machinery enterprises. the world machinery 500 "is still using the world business laboratory (world company lab) design evaluation of the competitiveness of enterprises in accordance with international practice model (cva), the company's sales revenue, total profit, return on assets, growth rate data , combined with industry differences, reputation index conduct a comprehensive analysis. world business laboratory (wcl) is chaired by professor robert - robert mundell robert mundell, nobel laureate in economics, the world executive group (icxo.com)'s industrial policy, enterprise management and competitive strategy research institutions.

this year, a total of 74 enterprises were selected, of which mainland enterprises are the top three of the faw group, saic, dongfeng motor, ranked 38, 51 and 64 respectively. most of the companies are ranked after 300. from the total number of enterprises selected for the first time more than the united states in the first place, a total of 125 companies selected, ranked second in the united states a total of 124 companies selected, china ranked third. germany, france, south korea, the uk ranked fourth to seventh.