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premier wen jiabao inspected faw
source:china first automobile group author: date:6,10,2012

in the afternoon of july 26, hu jintao, premier wen jiabao in the jilin provincial party secretary wang min, governor of han, changchun party secretary gao guangbin, mayor cui jie, accompanied by inspection of the faw. xu, general manager of faw group, a, the leadership of the party secretary zhao fang w, and faw car company employees in front of the car companies welcome premier wen jiabao and his entourage.


premier wen jiabao watched the faw hybrid products


premier wen jiabao are very concerned about the faw hybrid products, car company, premier wen jiabao and his entourage first watched the placed where the faw hybrid: the liberation ca6124sh8 hybrid buses, natural gas hybrid bus liberation 612h2 and plug-in hybrid power car pentium b50, pentium b70 hybrid cars, he also, respectively, embarked on the liberation of 612h2 natural gas hybrid electric bus and the pentium b70 hybrid power car, side viewing of hybrid buses, car interior design, side to seriously listen to xu jian, zhao fang wide such as the introduction of vehicle dynamics and other aspects of performance.


premier wen jiabao at the red flag cultural exhibition hall to watch the red car 

cultural exhibition hall in red flag, premier wen jiabao watched with interest the dongfeng-brand cars, the red flag bullet-proof car, big red flag, bullet-proof car models and faw-developed v6, v8 engine, and watched the red flag cultural exhibition hall show red flag sedan out of the history of the development.


premier wen jiabao shook hands cordially with workers

inspection of the total assembly line of car company, premier wen jiabao just sit in the car battery for less than half of the journey, they got out, approached the assembly line came to the side of the master workers, cordially shook hands with them, talk to ask employees work and life, that enterprise sales booming, employees work overtime, when the increase in revenue, premier wen jiabao are very pleased.


 premier wen jiabao's speech won warm applause of the presence of staff


after the visit, premier wen delivered an important speech at the faw car company. he said that, from the financial crisis, the central is very concerned about the auto industry, the automobile is a pillar industry, it will lead to many industries such as steel, machinery, rubber, glass, batteries ... so central in considering the revitalization of the ten industries, the first consideration to the car, we introduced three measures: first, to 1.6 liters less than automobile purchase tax by half, to mobilize the purchasing power of the masses; the second car to the countryside, in addition to the purchase of farm machinery subsidies to the farmers, the purchase of micro the car also be subsidies; the third is the car trade. car development in the past few months, exceeding my expectations, the fourth consecutive month the country's car sales over one million of the amount surpassed the united states, ranking first in the world, that is to say urban and rural residents in china's demand for car purchase or relatively large, especially the car less than 1.6 liters.


premier wen said that with the construction of the city, with the rural population steadily transferred to the city, with the construction of the road, our auto industry still has a big future. the development of china's automobile industry to sustainable development, the first relying on the consumer market, he stressed: we should continue to support policies that keep the policy unchanged, to the consumer to the producer of a stable market confidence, because confidence than gold and currency is also important; second is to rely on the auto companies around the needs of market diversification to produce high quality, efficient, affordable products, rely on designers, engineers and technicians, the creative labor of the workers, and continue to update the varieties of the car; third, the international community in the aim of tight energy-saving car, that is environmentally friendly vehicles. the reason why we engage in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, is to adapt to this trend, since climate change, energy conservation, energy of the entire demand of the times, the car as an industrial technology, must lead the way.


when it comes to faw premier wen jiabao said in earnest, faw is our country, the first production car factory, faw has a glorious history, the republic of the automotive industry, bearing in mind the contribution made by the faw, this is your the most glorious. but in the fierce competition in the faw should always walk in front, ahead of china in front of that in front of the world, i believe, have a glorious tradition of the faw workers and technicians, is a miracle! i know that since the financial crisis, the automotive industry has stabilized and developed, you not only have a job, but also to work overtime, not only not reduced wages, and last month made a double pay, i listened very happy because this is my responsibility is to this good momentum to continue to develop, which requires every employee from the leadership to recognize the situation, to redouble their efforts.


 premier wen jiabao and staff posed for pictures


premier wen's speech won the faw leadership, employees long enthusiastic applause before he left, premier wen and his entourage happily with faw leadership, the presence of car company employees to take their picture.