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independently developed by faw commercial vehicles heavy-duty gearbox officially put into operation
source:easy car network author: date:6,10,2012

faw commercial vehicles the heavy gearbox (ca10ta190,) commissioning ceremony held in the transmission branch of faw assembly line on july 15.

ca10ta190 faw group corporation in accordance with the "1233 strategy" invest in the development of dual intermediate shaft heavy-duty gearbox, designed by the faw technology center, the faw transmission branch of manufacture, the first phase of production capacity will reach an annual output of 30,000 units. the ca10ta the faw ca6dm11 liter diesel engine will match to meet the needs of heavy construction vehicles, heavy truck faw to provide robust, efficient and reliable power transmission. ca10ta torque, the design of the large ratio, making the car has a better start of the climbing performance and high-speed performance, the speed ratio of the rational allocation of the vehicle's fuel consumption more economical, the adoption of the import synchronization to ensure the product reliability.

it is understood that the ca10ta190 carrying on in the design of the world's most advanced technology of similar products by the third-party design review of the international professional firms, faw at the same time the structural design of the synchronizer and gear correction techniques of seven technology patents. in the product validation test, ca10ta faw measured by the complexity of the chinese users loads on the spectrum, advanced test equipment through more than 30,000 hours of bench test validation, and through the vehicle stupid from low-temperature start 7 road test and bulk users of bad road test, reliability test, to test the total mileage of 310 km and. product verification results show that the ca10ta the performance and reliability indicators exceed the design standards, is fully capable to meet market requirements.

faw group corporation xu the ca10ta190 commissioning ceremony, faw bigger and stronger autonomy, can not be separated from the key assembly leap, ca10ta gearbox successful operation of faw accelerate the realization of the gearbox, engine, axle, the large assembly performance match liberation trucks to further enhance the market competitiveness and laid a solid foundation.