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faw jilin university signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement for "research"
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

group headquarters building, block b, july 16, faw group and jilin university signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement for "research", group corporation xu jilin university president zhan tao, signed the agreement, the two sides will build a market- combination of research-oriented technological innovation system of cooperation. this means that the leading enterprises of the automotive industry, faw group, and the largest teachers is strong in the key universities jilin university to achieve a deeper level, a wider range of powerful combination. wide group company party secretary zhao fang, deputy general manager wu shaoming, assistant general manager of the group company secretary assistant, and jilin university of the party and government leaders attended the signing ceremony.

under the agreement, the faw jilin university will set up a comprehensive cooperation committee, the corporation general manager xu jilin university president zhan tao as director of the implementing agencies under the expert group on cooperation in scientific research groups, complementary advantages, mutual benefit, the mechanism innovation, and common development, resource sharing, risk sharing, project guidance, in order to the principle of effectiveness in the three aspects of human resource development and utilization of technology development and application of soft research, carried out the "full cooperation of the research.

among them, through the exchange of talents and training, according to the need to set up a joint automotive engineering research institute, jointly set up r & d center for auto parts, jointly declare the national and provincial, city's major science and technology, to speed up the new energy automotive industry, technology, automotive advanced electronic control system design and development of technology, automotive products newly developed manufacturing technology, joint research, the establishment of the docking mechanism of the exchange of information and project results in business management, marketing, environmental analysis, cost control, logistics management, brand building, international business strategy, and many other car derivative economic cooperation, and ultimately will enhance the capability of independent innovation of automotive products, faw, faw has a large number of enriched car basic theoretical research, product development and cutting-edge technology to explore the field of human and hardware resources, but also enhance the jilin university of comprehensive strength in automotive engineering and other disciplines and interdisciplinary collaborative research level, shaping the image of the domestic first-class colleges and universities of jilin university.

this partnership, a general manager xu high hopes, he said: with geographical advantages, the faw group and jilin university, has always insisted on colleges, enterprises, since 2006, the two sides in the difficult automotive technology research automotive technology on the basis of research carried out in close cooperation. in recent years, rapid development of faw group, the growing scale enterprises, but due to increased competition, feel in product development, manufacturing process and even the level of marketing and management system deficiencies exist, like jilin university disciplinary comprehensive high level the strong support of the research universities, the sharing of resources, complement each other is essential, will greatly promote the faw and even the automotive industry r & d capabilities, jilin university, higher education, and even the local economy in jilin province.

the signing ceremony, the party secretary of the corporation, zhao fang wide exchange of gifts party secretary chen dewen and jilin university, jilin university president zhan tao corporation general manager xu presented a letter of appointment of school directors and school part-time professor.