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the faw two engine ignition success
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

at 1:30 p.m. on july 15, china faw, there are two self-developed high-tech engine the - ca6gv gasoline, ca4dd diesel engine, along with the arrival of the 56th birthday of china faw, china first automobile group corporation the center of successful ignition gasoline engine and high-end light vehicle diesel engine designed and developed technology in china faw upgraded to a new level, which marks china's high-class cars. corporation leadership xu, zhao fang w, ma zhendong jin yi, wu shaoming, sunguo wu, huang wenchang, xu xianping, etc. to attend the lighting ceremony.

ca6gv gasoline engine with aluminum lightweight design concept, the 90-degree v-angle design, advanced fuel economy and ultra-low emission levels, exhaust emissions meet euro ⅴ emission regulations. ca6gv gasoline engine with 2.4l, 2.5l, 2.8l and 3.0l four kinds of displacement, red flag car to meet the demand for grade c, grade d and mpv / suvs independent high-end powertrain. this engine is not only a number of new technologies, the new structure for domestic initiative, but also reached the international advanced level of similar products, its compact structure and excellent performance, fully embodies the chinese faw superb r & d capability in the field of car engines, china faw following the country's first v12 engine, made another breakthrough in self-developed areas of the car engine, will make people look forward to the red flag limousine driver to a new realm.

ca4dd diesel engine to meet the design goal of "three high", "m" type water cylinder, cylinder head using the "w" type double-layer water to meet the high combustion pressure and the heat load to achieve cylinder, cylinder head high strength, high stiffness and high reliability; dynamic economy has reached the international advanced level. ca4dd diesel 2.5l, 3.0l two kinds of displacement, to match the n2 category of light trucks, light passenger and n1 class light truck, suv and mpv and other models, is the ideal power platform of the china faw new generation light vehicles. ca4dd diesel engine with dual overhead camshafts (dohc), back-end chain-driven timing system, the latest 1800bar of the third-generation common rail system, recyclable and environmental technology national initiative, strong power, clean emissions and quiet the noise, the choice of multi-configuration, is another breakthrough in the independent light diesel engine design.

xu jian, general manager thanked the technology center to work hard in the two project team members and independent career within the group busy all staff. he said that the ignition of these two engines, is dedicated to the heavy faw birthday gift, product technology is the conduct of this enterprise, the key assembly is the core competitiveness of enterprises, hope that the technical center for technology leadership, improve quality, reduce make a fuss about the cost of efforts to form the new advantages of the faw vehicle.

ignition the ca6gv gasoline and ca4dd of the success of the diesel engine to fill the blank of high-class cars with gasoline and high-end light vehicle diesel engine marks the china faw engine development capability and technology has matured, increasingly complete engine platform for the china faw development of self- the business provides a strong competitive engine products. in 2009, china's auto market contrarian, the booming, in this situation, china faw live up to expectations, adhere to scientific development and innovation, the independently developed ca6gv, ca4dd two engines as a gift dedicated to the 60th anniversary of this will become another highlight of china's automobile industry development, to highlight the success in the future sustainable development of china's automobile industry.