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faw ceremoniously awarded the "shen had innovation award"
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

july 14, faw independent innovation the shen zenghua award foundation in recognition of the general assembly held a grand rally in the faw car company in recognition of the faw's self-development and independent innovation, to make a significant contribution to the three individuals and the liberation of j6 product development team of 5 digital technology officer. the general assembly was attended by the jilin province, executive vice governor zhu yanfeng, group general manager xu a, party secretary zhao fang wide, the old leadership of the deputy general manager wu shaoming and advisory committee, representatives of the various functional departments and subsidiaries. shen xiao shan, shen zeng's daughter also attended the meeting in recognition of the general assembly, presided over by party secretary zhao fang w, group vice president wu shaoming read out in recognition of decisions.

develop their own brand revitalization of the national auto industry is the responsibility and mission of the faw, the majority of employees in the company of the group on the stage of independent development, the emergence of many independent innovation, advanced people, they do for the whole group of companies self-development and innovation a positive contribution to the innovation of faw shen zeng china award foundation has decided to: 2008 faw shen zeng chinese innovation award qun, wang pengcheng; 2009 faw shen had china independent innovation prize was awarded to the car company li hong and technology center the liberation j6 commercial vehicle product development team wubi lei, xy, yang zhongkui, jinzhi shan, wang zhanchun. different positions of the eight winners from the the faw independent technology front, sharp vision at work using an open mind, information tracking international auto cutting-edge technology and dynamic, the courage to plan, the courage to design, make breakthroughs, innovative , and climb up the spirit of the peak of their respective technical fields, enabling them to become the first shen had chinese independent innovation award by the recognition of staff. shen had innovation award winner, faw car company pentium b50 project main zha li hong, speaking on behalf of of the winners, will redouble its efforts in the future, must take the faw's own career bigger and stronger, all the effort contribute to, he said: beloved independent career.

faw innovation shen zeng china award foundation was formally established on july 14, 2006. the establishment of the foundation is both a commemoration of the older generation of faw builders, but also to fully express their firm determination of the of faw independent development of innovative, shenlao more than just material wealth to leave faw, more importantly, is left a spirit, a dry car, dry the autonomy essential to the dedication, it inspires the staff of the corporation for the realization of three years, two improved, creating its own brand of enthusiasm for the work, the three year anniversary of the establishment of the foundation, china faw in recognition of the innovation prize winner in the form of andrew tsang to commemorate the people of the older generation of vehicles, in order to stimulate the power, potential and vitality of the majority of employees to join the independent cause, further technology in the enterprise to create respect, respect knowledge, respect talent, atmosphere to promote the development of faw's own cause.

the late andrew zenghua, elderly former deputy director of faw, for 25 years in the faw, faw is always filled with deep feelings. the end of 2005, chenlao own collection of stamps "issued on" quartet with proceeds of the sale of 1.85 million yuan all voluntarily donated to the faw, the establishment of the faw innovation shen zeng award foundation for the award for the independent automotive career have made outstanding contributions the science and technology workers. his behavior was deeply touched by the the faw majority of employees, the majority of employees make voluntary contributions to take concrete actions to support innovation and development. corporation issued special to shen tsang elderly mrs. miss huang zhen shen zeng china independent innovation award "thank award behalf by attending the meeting had chinese daughter shen shen xiao shan.

in recognition of the general assembly, the executive vice governor of jilin province zhu yanfeng, general manager of the group xu has speech. zhu yanfeng, faw shen had innovation award winners congratulated on behalf of the provincial government, he hoped that the faw in the way of independent innovation, continue to add a new glory, and said the province will do its utmost to actively support the faw innovation business. xu a the faw science and technology workers to conscientiously study the winners of the spirit of struggle and work experience, more consciously into the great cause of faw's independent innovation, based on the post to do the real subject, the courage to practice and innovation for the faw self-development to make a greater contribution.

news: shen zeng, in the the faw innovation shen zenghua award foundation in recognition of the general assembly prior to the convening of the group vice president, faw innovation china award foundation, vice chairman wu shaoming hosted the the faw innovation shen zenghua incentive fund council, the company minister of planning, faw innovation reward shen zeng hua foundation, the secretary-general fu bingfeng review the work done by the faw independent innovation shen zeng china award foundation since its inception. the past three years, the company has been committed to accomplishing the foundations to the faw's most authoritative award program, the council under the leadership of the foundation and the foundation awards registered foundation launched the year 2008, faw shen zeng hua innovation award of the judging process.