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liberate the aowei dump truck to achieve ten upgrades
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

the liberation of 09 models aowei dump truck based on the original successful upgrade, up to ten product technology improvements bring comfort, handling, stability, and to raise the overall fuel economy, full of new competitive advantage in the domestic complex working conditions under the more stable and reliable.

in order to give the driver to create a comfortable, spacious driving space, 09 new aowei dump change the face of the cab is not only beautiful, and the cab interior space increases, the surround meter interior manipulated heart, four-point floating more comfortable. handling and agile driving increased dramatically reduce driving fatigue, users driving more comfortable heart.

for the complexity of the work environment of the dump truck, the vehicle's stability and reliability is especially critical, with a sturdy chassis, in order to fully protect the high attendance. 09, paragraph of aowei dump assembly liberation 300 less bridge tube cold pressing up technology, more carrying capacity. 320mm frame of the large cross section, high-strength alloy steel plate to create; to strengthen the structure of the balance bracket, the thicker section, stud enhanced, more reliable, suitable for harsh working conditions. suspension of the v-shaped lower chassis center of gravity, heavy haul more stable; 8 hole bolt fastening is more reliable, more convenient maintenance.

response to complex environmental conditions under the manipulation of flexibility and smoothness, paragraph 09 aowei dump assembly liberation 10ta (input torque 2000n.m) transmission, gear, head gear speed ratio, started fast, and strong power. the gearbox ruanzhou manipulation, driving is easier and clearer stalls. shaanxi gear center distance enhanced transmission, improve the reliability of the deputy box. standard import trw steering gear, steering control is accurate, flexible, comprehensive protection for driving safety. used to increase the flow steering pump, low-speed steering easier.

the high attendance of the support vehicles, not the loss of working time, to protect users greater operational value, and 09 models aowei dump maintain more peace of mind. the leaf spring suspension up and down the reaction rod and axle housing connected by the whole welded structure to split bolt connections, reducing the user cost of maintenance. the balance shaft rubber bush structure, maintenance-free, no oiling; reaction lever pouches can be replaced individually. air dryers, following the valve, clutch booster, full use of the the wabco imported valves, and service life increased doubled.

in the actual operation of the process, 09-paragraph aowei dump egr products, fuel-efficient, reliable, cost-effective; electronic control products matching file saving switch, different according to the traffic in the process of vehicle operators, carrying capacity, the corresponding adjustment of engine working state, the fuel economy significantly improved.