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faw - volkswagen jilin province, the first new upgrade hall was officially opened
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

july 10, faw - volkswagen in jilin province, the first to complete the upgrading of the dealer - changchun pass legislation automobile trade co., ltd. volkswagen brand new upgrade hall officially put into use. this is not only pass legislation upgrading the new results, but also the faw - volkswagen dealer showrooms new fruit of the upgrade program.
scene in the hall, to acknowledge the support and love over the years users through a company, especially for 10 magotan user held a grand delivery ceremony and presented with exquisite gifts and fine magotan car models, allowing users to times feel warm.
as was established in 1997, faw - volkswagen first volkswagen brand standard exhibition hall, through a company is not only car sales in the province, the leader of the service, enjoy a high reputation in the country, and many faw group and a steam - volkswagen ag as the advanced unit of national marketing system, has repeatedly received the volkswagen brand and dealer after-sales service award for several consecutive years was named lvyuan district first tax the private sector and provincial "little giant" enterprise, mid-assessment by the consumers' association "quality trustworthy enterprise".
bright, elegant car lobby, you can reveal a world-class car showroom fashion, luxury strong flavor. upgraded through a volkswagen brand new showroom, adhering to global standards of management of the german public, not only an improvement in the hardware environment, people everywhere can feel a world-class exhibition hall warm fashion buyers atmosphere, but also in software services has improved, a change in the past a variety of services concentrated in the hall together throughout the drawbacks, sales, maintenance and after sales service to be separate, to the dealers and staff a better working environment at the same time, also improve the work efficiency and to ensure that consumers enjoy a more professional, attentive service.
pass legislation showrooms and the new face of the service is a concrete manifestation of the faw - volkswagen launched distributors development plan. it is reported that the faw - volkswagen dealer showrooms in the upgrading program is steadily implemented and achieved initial results. through the upgrading of the original hall, faw - volkswagen to maintain and enhance its brand image, maintaining the advantages of the faw - volkswagen dealer network to improve the market competitiveness. faw - volkswagen dealer new showroom transformation plan is well underway and expected to be completed by the end of the transformation of the hall 90. dealer level, and services, innovation, indicating that the faw - volkswagen sales service system and the overall strength of the continuously strengthened.
faw - volkswagen has always attached great importance to cooperation with the majority of dealer development and sales, improved service levels. july 2008, the internationally authoritative survey by jd power asia pacific and china premier award sm for the first time in china announced the results of the faw - volkswagen took the lead in the domestic automobile manufacturers have "premier", the first 10 dealers to obtain this award. through a company through a series of complex assessment and customer satisfaction surveys, service and sales systems, respectively, in august 2008 and march 2009 by jd power first batch and third batch of certification.
in addition, the faw - volkswagen for the dealer's service available to consumers as "delighted trip service. not only to provide the best products for consumers, but also provide first-class service experience, all consumer-centric in all aspects of services and the various details of the car, so that consumers always experience "delighted". project implementation, a surprise not only for consumers effectively, but also to help dealers a new improved service systems and processes to enhance the business confidence of the majority of dealers.
through the tireless efforts and the consistent cooperation of the faw - volkswagen and the majority of dealers, faw - volkswagen has made the champion of the first half of 2009, sales, and to maintain good sales development trends. this is not only a symbol of strength of faw - volkswagen products, but also long-term adherence to continue to improve consumer satisfaction and steady implementation of the upgrade program of dealer showrooms and distributors of project outcomes; while also boosting one million the early realization of the ambitious marketing goals.