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kat steam sales growth in the first half of a new high
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

recently, the reporter kat steam informed of good news in the first half of this year, the national car to the countryside "policy spring pratt & whitney, kat steam company unity and hard work to make a big effort, kat steam production, a sharp rise in sales , the highest in recent years, the best level. among them, the production of automotive 37710, an increase of 66.90%; 38816 sale of motor vehicles, an increase of 52.79%; sales revenue grew 44.59%; reduced losses of 30 million yuan.

kat steam to achieve better business performance in the first half, and became the largest automobile companies for sales growth within the group company to explore the reason there are three main aspects: first, thanks to car benefit agricultural policies brought dynamism to the market. jilin provincial government invested 100 million yuan of the car to the countryside "preferential agricultural policy, the state" car to the countryside "rules for the implementation has introduced, like a spring breeze, and inspired the enthusiasm of the broad masses of peasants to buy. faw jiabao "a series of mini-car is undoubtedly the beneficiaries of this policy, the car to the countryside" friends of farmers have to buy hot models.


secondly, thanks to the strong support of the corporation. corporation will include the development of the mini-car in the first position of the faw vehicle strategy, xu jian, general manager personally chaired a planning meeting of "mini-car system to study the micro-car development issues. the proposed "micro-car win, faw win the" guiding ideology, to go all out to support the development of the guitar steam, to give kat steam substantive support in many aspects of product development, quality improvement systems require group companies.


the third benefit from the judgment and effectively respond to the new leadership of the kyrgyz gas companies on the market forward. good external environment must match a good business strategy. detail and execution of kat steam huhan jie, general manager of leading members of the team to quality, cost and efficiency of the first business task, always pay attention to enterprise management, scientific decision-making, decisive single shift production to adjust for double-shift, the upper and lower overtime even make every effort to ensure the market supply of resources. in particular, is set off the boom, the "big dry red may to challenge a single month to produce one million mark.


strengthen management, to do the "quality" and "service", two ace guitar steam scraping market. benefit the farmers' initial purchase more general lack of vehicles, maintenance of common sense. kat gas companies set up for farmers faw jiabao mobile knowledge class "universal car maintenance knowledge, additional service outlets to sweep the streets" service, according to the present the province's regional jiabao car ownership, and provide users with the most convenient and efficient service. in this series of product sales and service process, the kat steam fighting business as "farmers affordable, enterprise, efficiency, and the government to win popular support," the car to the countryside to make the perfect interpretation.