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sagitar june sales of more than 11,000
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

faw - volkswagen, with its products in multiple market segments with strong competitive strength to more than 320,000 terminals sales, year-on-year growth of 21 percent, winning the first half of 2009, sales champion, which sagitar nearlymonths performance is in the multitude of strong mid-size car market, climbed all the way, you lufeng mans in april and may exceeded nine thousand, more than eleven thousand in june, and achieved an increase of 80% of the arrogancehuman achievement.

the sagitar listing more than three years, committed itself to the benchmark models, causing the chevrolet. reporter visited the automobile market a number of dealer showrooms and found that many consumers purchase intention will be more or less mentioned in the mentioned italian models sagitar sagitar, and will take as a reference model to compare choice. security and excellent quality of the volkswagen car is to get recognized, i plan to buy a car to pay has been six months time, and keep hard after all this time searching online, understand the performance of the car through the car friends advice and seek advice from a lot of contrast, and finally booked a sagitar 1.6l manual section. a consumer to talk to reporters and to share their car experience. in fact, this points to the typical newly purchased sagitar owners of voices: first they were the quality of the ashkenazi car attracted, followed by other sagitar owners appeal, and then integrated the diverse needs of preferences into account national policies concessions, and ultimately make the car select. it can be said sagitar, with its pure german descent, safe and reliable performance quality, already has many competitive advantages, in particular, accumulated over 20 million vehicle owners have formed a huge appeal in the market to play a good word of mouth effect.

the sagitar existing models for 1.6l, the 1.8tsi champion version and 2.0l, the upcoming 1.4 tsi 7 speed dsg will make sagitar product line richer and give consumers more choice.