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faw xie quanjia family own brand appearance changchun auto show
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

the theme of "science and technology, green, blend, and development" of the sixth china (changchun) international auto expo will be held in july 15 in changchun convention and exhibition center opened. following the shanghai auto show in april this year, the changchun motor show as the "host" china faw will once again show the style of its own brand car leader, then, by the red flag, pentium, wei chi, charade, the liberation of 37 vehicle and 9 engine, a transmission, 2 anatomical vehicle autonomy legion powerful lineup will be the overall appearance.

the company attaches great importance to this show, the total exhibition area of ​​5800 square meters, which is located in hall a of the indoor upper and lower levels with a total area of ​​4000 m2, located in hall a outside the south, the outdoor exhibition area of ​​1800 square meters to build a strong china faw own brand's overall image. exhibit the full range of own brand products include: known as the "senior car value model of the pentium b70, pentium b50 of the 1.6l 's" 20 years sales has always been the largest economy cars forefront xiali series models car to the countryside, the main products such as faw jiabao, covering all market segments, fully demonstrated the chinese faw based on self-development, self-improvement, self grow stronger and self-determination and conviction. people are more intuitive understanding of the faw's outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology research and development, personally felt the faw products of excellent quality, this show faw will also showcase two products pentium b50 and weizhi anatomy car in the outdoor exhibition area will be four passenger cars on display, the liberation of 10 heavy trucks and two of the liberation of light vehicles of which hybrid buses ca6120urh1 is the faw second-generation hybrid car; a series of exhibits for the liberation of heavy truck shows china faw par world-class truck manufacturing capacity, china's leading self-development capacity, the upgrading of capacity for sustainable development, and fully independent with international standards of heavy-duty truck platform.


faw this carefully to the "intentions quality, future-based changchun motor show exhibition theme, and this theme vividly their own sections of high-quality products, technologies and care. in addition to superior products and technology demonstration, faw in this show will continue with a meticulous service to create the perfect service model reflects the service quality of faw in the details of the humane.