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han governor inspection of faw car company
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

the afternoon of july 7, jilin governor han accompanied by the provincial standing committee, party secretary of changchun city, gao guang bin, made a special trip to the faw car company inspected and visited the assembly line, given the hot pentium car highly praised, and faw car, faw group to seize the present good market opportunities, to quickly output to go faster.

in a car company, han governor has carefully watched the new line of gray pentium b50, of particular concern to the full model of this listing has been redu, got into the 1.6-liter automatic pentium b50 sedan see the bright and spacious, the configuration high-end exquisite interior space, han governor of what there will be a driving interest, he personally started the car, control the steering wheel firmly, bypass plant a few laps, acceleration, deceleration and turn carefully to feel the superior performance of the new car .

after the test drive, han governor got off smiling, wheelbase, suspension and engine of the pentium b50 praise, hear pi-jie, general manager of the group corporation xu a car company to introduce this pentium b50 from the listing have a 1.6 l "in the world, the governor said han in the national purchase tax policy to encourage, 1.6 liter car is gold displacement, the timely introduction of the pentium b50, faw car company with a new product to enhance the speed, to achieve the golden opportunity of the new scale, especially the pentium as an independent brand, must have a full display of competitive strength, a real 1.6 liters king in the market.

to break through the "760 day exclusive production of the car company to produce 19,000 cars last month, selling 20,000, also a steady stream of orders, staff morale is going all out, by adjusting the tempo, increase labor productivity bottlenecks, sales growth in the first half of the year has reached 27% of the current autonomous system except jilin automobile group the largest increase in business, even so, the yield of the month pentium b50 is difficult to meet market demand. "heard of such an "feel good" message, the governor of han particularly concerned about the capacity of the car company upgrading and construction of the plant, i learned that the two factories will be officially put into operation in 2010, the design capacity of annual output of 200,000, has a welding shop, paint shop, three assembly shop and workshop, with the production capacity of three models of the two platforms, han governor nodded in agreement, he also proposed the encouragement, hope the car companies as soon as possible to the future planning of the 400 000 capacity, supporting its own brand of faw group, the core businesses, and also hope to seize a rare opportunity for the passenger car market this year contrarian up broad prospects for faw group, to take that advantage to seize the competitive high ground, operating a good day!