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faw - volkswagen force wins the automobile market sales in the first half of champions
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

into a "winter" in the global automotive market, china's car market in 2009 but fiery exception. according to the latest statistics from the joint committee of the national passenger car market information, in june, the sales of the major domestic manufacturers a new high, while the faw - volkswagen is based on the results of nearly 67,000, creating a domestic car market in the history of the highest sales record at the same time terminal sales of over 320,000, up 21% growth to seize the first half of 2009 sales champion.

the sales data show that: in addition to enterprise single month to make history, the faw - volkswagen's new bora, sagitar the main car sales were a record high. the new polaris sales in june 13000, an increase of 21%, the market for less than six months on the faw - volkswagen (2) monthly sales model of stability in a million or more. the sagitar sales in june reached 11,000, re-enter the "million club", the prospect is worth more and more optimistic about the.

magotan single month sales exceeded the 6000 mark, which shows "the tsi dsg" combination to start the power play, 'tsi dsg' the perfect combination to lead the revolutionary core technology, which will ensure magotan has sustained competitiveness. in addition, the jetta in june, nearly 25,000 results to prove that he is still one of the country's best-selling models.

whole line of the faw - volkswagen, the media believes that mainly due to the rational layout of its products, not only in all market segments have headed models, and models with a variety of displacement options 1.6l displacement engine in the jetta, the new bora, sagitar models widely used, its 1.6l displacement purchase tax preferential policies promulgated by the state benefited.

in recent years, at the same time, the faw - volkswagen to control the changing needs of china's car market began to be more sensitive, more accurate response, according to market changes quickly adjust the production tempo, start with the procurement, logistics, production and preparation of all aspects of play its maximum capacity and highest efficiency of logistics, the integration of the faw - volkswagen all resources as soon as possible for terminal sales, improve market sales and market share.

, according to the relevant person in charge of the faw - volkswagen, faw - volkswagen until june, the volkswagen brand has been the 10th consecutive month end sales greater than production, over 2000 vehicles in stock sales by the end of may for a car factory are able to withstand the minimum inventory depth, fully proved that the faw - volkswagen currently has production capacity and efficiency of all aspects of play to the extreme.

also, in 2009, fully carried out by the faw - volkswagen dealer cooperation development plan and sales company system upgrade program also allows the system the ability to rise to a new level. according to the faw - volkswagen dealers reflect: since last year, the enterprises continue to be considered more in their interest, in particular, financing loans, and increasing support, and through a more scientific and rational, clear evaluation and incentives, such as "excellent dealer certification to improve the operational efficiency and profitability of the dealer. these initiatives have greatly boosted the confidence of the dealers, and laid a solid foundation for the ultimate gain market breakthrough.

the official also stressed that the faw - volkswagen's business development strategy and product system has been relatively clear, companies already have the ability to support the marketing goals of one million. volkswagen brand in the second half there will be several new models on the market, whether it is both small-displacement dynamic sagitar 1.4tsi dsg model, or lead to many consumers look forward to the new golf will make a vapor - the mass market sales continue to grow.