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faw - volkswagen production of 60 000 in june
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

june, faw - volkswagen production car 60069, the highest single month record high. the first half of the year, 290,000 of the company's total production of cars, selling more than 320,000, which is the company's scientific layout, optimize capacity, challenge the limits of the results achieved. recently, the general manager of faw - volkswagen tiecheng staff to write letter of sympathy, thanked the staff for their hard work pay.

the past two years, the faw - volkswagen reelection car market sales champion, went to the forefront of the industry, so far, still ranked the first. this has been achieved, the faw - volkswagen employees have made ​​painstaking efforts. car factory in the case of productive full month, the stability of the starting rate in more than 97%, and multiple consecutive days to achieve zero downtime, the jetta sedan plant for three consecutive months yields over 20,000; mining capacity through in-depth, takt time of 70 seconds, the starting rate to 88 percent, nissan breakthrough in 1000, completed 11,079 new bora, the output of two consecutive months, over 10,000; transfer plant tissue for overtime production, increasing the frequency of the assembly line production, fully support the production upgrade; chengdu branch also constantly refresh the production records; the sale of the company's employees explore new ideas, forge ahead, sincere cooperation with the dealer, filled with enthusiasm into the battle to seize market share.

tiecheng said in the letter: "in the past six months, we worked hard, very tired in the course of 18 years, we have experienced more than once a" blowout "and" freezing "the fierce market competition is like riding a boat, we do not fight for the benefits, but also for the survival of the enterprise, the fight for the future of the faw - volkswagen. "

the second half of the faw - volkswagen will face tremendous pressures and challenges, and to a higher goal attack.