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faw cars pentium, wei chi egypt listed
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

on the evening of july 1, local time, the castle in the egyptian capital to open rosa latin, china faw and selected agents jointly hold a new car listing ceremony, the official launch two own brand to the egyptian market, tianjin faw xiali limitedwang weidong, deputy general manager of the company's overseas division china faw egyptian market project manager, idi group in egypt the subordinate wamco motor company the main xiwalide. ta feike and local agents and consumers more than 300 people attended the ceremony.

it is understood that the faw group in egypt were introduced the pentium b50 and the weizhi two independent brand, the weizhi points hatchback and sedan two models, they are respectively for different levels of consumers.

tianjin faw xiali wang weidong said, egypt is an important automotive market in the middle east, and the environment in the international financial crisis led to the auto industry downturn, the chinese national brand car to enter the egyptian market, must provide for the egyptian consumer products to establish china high-quality image of the car. to enter the egyptian market late, faw is expected in the first two years of the initial stage of the annual sales in 1000.

the faw selected agents walid ta feike said at the ceremony, as the first agent, wamco very confident in the quality of chinese cars, models, services and sales, faw models li sted in the local experienced a large auto show with the test of practice of the chinese market is a mature product. the company will actively work in the china first automobile group's brands, its sales will eventually account for 50 percent of china's car sales in the egyptian market.