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liberation trucks to seize a north korean cargo market
source:first group of chinese car author: date:6,10,2012

to seize the export car market, faw car sales company actively developing the korean export cars channel 1-june the liberation of the products made exported to north korea 750 fruitful.

the domestic market, export markets, product homogeneity highlights, if only waiting for orders, or simply an existing exports, the use of the price advantage overseas strategy can not last long. liberation shift from exports to the strategic export, in order to avoid short-term behavior, do the long-term market vision, overseas markets, potential markets, key markets, strategic market segmentation and positioning, and rely on market-oriented to provide targeted products through strengthen the regional management and after-sales service, and means to expand its customer resources to do the full range of protection and other key markets. northeast company's sales staff has repeatedly called a special meeting, planning marketing programs, visited dandong border trade, export cars discuss matters relating to the dandong huanghai automobile works, faw auto show in korea successfully held, publicity and presentation of faw products to answer foreign to ask questions, and actively explore the market. the liberation of the long head of cargo, taurus dump products occupy a larger share of the freight market in korea.

with the implementation of the group's international strategy, the liberation of the will to implement sustainable export strategy, focused on creating its own brand of international competitive advantage, to ensure that the export of sustainable development, to create a to liberation unique brand competitiveness fierce overseas competition in the market.