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1 engine production and sales in may increased by 5.31%, 4.69%
source:china's auto industry author: date:6,10,2012

according to the statistics of the china automobile industry association, may 2009 production engine 1,017,080 units, ring than decreased 5.30%; sales engine 1,040,205 units, ring than decreased 9.31%; production car 1106898, ring than decreased 4.32%; sale of motor vehicles 1119716 vehicles, a decline of2.89%.


may in the auto industry revitalization planning a series of national policies to promote domestic auto production and sales both over 1.1 million, to continue to maintain a high level of growth. may production and sales of more than 1.1 million compared with april a downward trend; with the development of the vehicle market instability, but also to domestic engine markets have been affected.


downward trend also emerged in engine production and sales chain in may; engine single month in may, production and sales both reached 100 million units, which is following the engine buck the trend hit a new high in april, may once again maintained a 1 million sales growth; annual production and sales for may are the engine of the transition period from peak season to off-season production and sales than in march and april have a more significant decline in 2009 is different from pulling the engine booming sales in may 1 engine production and sales in may year-on-year increase of 5.31% and 4.69%, which is the level of the engine since 2009, cumulative production and sales in the second growth engine industry, the situation continues to improve.