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09 car engine with the latest international technology seminar was successfully held on june 30
source:k-car network author: date:6,10,2012

at present, china faces the problem of environmental deterioration, energy shortages in many aspects, many people place their hopes in the new energy technologies. experts in the field of automotive engine yang jialin said: "new energy vehicles to replace the traditional energy vehicles completely depends on the time of the large-scale supply of clean new energy, before the large-scale supply of new energy, to reduce vehicle fuel consumption of traditional energy is the most urgent task, traffic the basic transformation of the energy i am afraid that in at least 50 years. "


new energy vehicles in the short term is difficult to spread, the loudest voices of small cars has become a new force of energy saving and environmental protection. this year, the state council promulgated the "auto industry restructuring and rejuvenation program, pointed out that the reduced rate of 5 percent vehicle purchase tax from 20 january to 31 december 2009, 1.6 liters and below passenger car. into a "booster" to the automotive market, sales of small cars since the beginning of the year improved significantly. affected by advanced technology and equipment, 1.6 and below the small-displacement engine technology and r & d process has become the focus of attention of the major oems.



potential of the trend, the world's leading automotive industry e-commerce platform - k-car network, the shanghai automobile exhibition center and shanghai anting automobile parts export base development co., ltd. tripartite at june 30, jointly organized by the 2009 engine with the latest international technology conference and automotive engine and components for special procurement pairing will ". this event includes a technical seminar and procurement matching links, president of k-car network, chen wen-kai said: "both western and japanese car prices, domestic local car prices, most of them are enrolled in, the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in higher than we expected a lot. "participants from domestic and foreign oems, engine assembly of more than 100 buyers, more than 150 high-quality engine and parts suppliers.


it is reported that the seminar speakers from the top companies in the field of automotive engine, including fpt, mahler, borgwarner, georg fischer, ni make marelli, ricardo. this seminar started a discussion around the small-displacement gasoline engine r & d progress and the latest manufacturing processes, such as the development trend of small-displacement gasoline engine, small gasoline engine, challenges and solutions, small-displacement gasoline engine, features and technology development, and turbo supercharged gasoline engine of the miniaturization on the application of prospect analysis.

during the same period, the k-car network the request of many buyers to hold the automobile engine and parts procurement matching more than 20 oems and tier i suppliers site released its purchases more than 100, about 100 high-quality suppliers to participate in negotiate the exchange.

2009 engine with the latest international technical seminar-cum-car engines and parts special procurement matching "is the first integration of the meeting exchanges and face-to-face purchasing negotiation in one car engine class meeting of an automobile engine of the most high-end, the top of the seminars and procurement matching. this event for domestic suppliers to provide more access to domestic and foreign buyers and the opportunity to expand sales channels, many engine companies and grasp the best opportunity of the international state-of-the-art engine manufacturing technology.