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2012 chery for the most important hydrogen-powered vehicles in the country
source:investment advisory network author: date:6,10,2012

in the recently held "motor trend" new energy vehicles on the forum, said yuan tao, deputy general manager of chery automobile, to solve the energy shortage means should be diversified and the chery strive to launch hydrogen car in three years. investment advisor in the new energy automotive industry researcher li sheng-mao, chery in 2012 to launch hydrogen car, which will greatly enhance our position on the r & d capabilities of the world's new energy vehicles.


"we firmly believe that three years in the field of hydrogen energy will have a significant breakthrough," yuan tao said that chery at the same time in the development of hybrids, electric cars, and did not despise the traditional areas of energy saving, including the turbocharged, methanol, ether hydrogen energy r & d in promoting.

according to the new energy automotive industry researcher li sheng-mao, as the world's largest manufacturer of hybrid vehicles toyota just announced the launch of its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2015. in the world's new energy vehicle development, the major auto giants have chosen a different path. in the field of hydrogen car research, bmw and mazda have been walking in the world, they will hydrogen as a motor fuel, hydrogen and gasoline dual-fuel mode of supply. subject to supporting the implementation of the high cost of making the popularity of this new energy to take time.

the development of hydrogen energy in the country, on behalf of the enterprise worthy of the case of chery and changan. chery as early as in 2005, announced a joint study of pure hydrogen internal combustion engine is running successfully. chang'an is completed in 2007, china's first efficient zero-emission hydrogen internal combustion engine ignition, and exhibited at the 2008 beijing auto show self-developed china's first hydrogen-powered concept car "hydrogen process.

li sheng-mao also pointed out that hydrogen-powered vehicles is a true zero-emission transport emissions are pure water, its non-polluting, zero emission, abundant advantage, therefore, the hydrogen-powered vehicles is undoubtedly the best of traditional car alternatives. however, in the hydrogen r & d is not only the emergence of the crossroads, and the difficulty of the technology research and development and the production of market acceptance of hydrogen away from the reality program.