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new energy vehicle demonstration more than half of the city for approval to prohibit local protection
source:beijing times author: date:6,10,2012

the reporter has exclusively learned that the panel of experts consists of four ministries in six of the 13 new energy car model city approval is completed, the city and its jurisdiction of the auto companies will be the official "awarding", access to central subsidy funds. however, local protection phenomena encountered in the approval process, the attitude of the panel of experts strongly, there are individual cities, and car prices are therefore ordered to re-amend the proposal. personal subsidy policy for the industry eagerly looked forward to the new energy vehicles, the expert position, demonstration and extension of the current round of new energy vehicles is still a distance away from the ordinary consumers.

"local protection" type of program is split
selected at the beginning of the 13 cities to four ministries by the ministry of finance, ministry of science and technology, national development and reform commission, the workers ministry of the pilot cities to promote energy conservation and new energy vehicle demonstration, a panel of experts are busy around the approval reported the demonstration of up to promote the implementation of the program.

subsidies not only to local vehicles, opening up should be moderate. "on monday, the jury of experts of anonymity, told this newspaper said that four ministries, the attitude is very clear - must be strong to break the place in the promotion of new energy vehicles protection phenomenon.

according to its disclosure, the proposal submitted by the six cities of hangzhou, chongqing, jinan, hefei, dalian and changchun, has been approved is completed, but individual programs of the city do with a strong place to protect the color, "we have rejected them program, asking them to re-edit. "it is reported that the city department was whether a northern city and the related large automotive group.

this proves that the industry has been worried about the problem has occurred. in fact, the promotion of new energy vehicles to the place as a guide, from start to escape the local protection questioning.

related car prices do not think so. deputy general manager of changan automobile zhu huarong has said that competition in the market of free competition in the final analysis, whether it is the country's leading policies and local policies introduced are fair, "byd sales company, assistant general manager wang believes that the market will eventually believe products, any measures can not be fragmented market.

in fact, the jury of the four ministries have been difficult to avoid the "local protection" given to a certain degree of understanding, it established the principle of local priority, moderate liberalization of the assessment. the informed experts said that the development of new energy to the local car, it is normal, suggesting that the city has actively want to promote the development of local industry, but if every place their own interests will be very closed, the lack of competition, it is necessary for opening up the .

individual subsidies temporarily difficult
at present, around the new energy vehicle industry projects have been started, but the real subsidies for individuals to purchase new energy vehicles is still blank.

"i now see more than one program does not involve consumer subsidies piece of content." the informed experts say the new energy vehicles for demonstration and extension phase, in the initial stage, new energy vehicles invested in national organized vehicle operating units, such as buses, taxis and official car.

for such restrictions, taking into account the public transport system can focus on data collection to facilitate the summing up experience, will receive better results in the promotion of new energy demonstration early, but once put into the consumer market, the use of the information is difficult to track risk big. "

as a result, the new energy vehicles, temporary fashion can not achieve personal consumption subsidies, china's new energy vehicle research and development, production strength is weak. ministry of science and technology, insiders said, although towards the consumer is the ultimate goal of new energy vehicle technology is still maturing process, the cost is still high.

according to informed sources, last month's chongqing municipality announced the purchase of 360 million yuan subsidy provided by the jie xun hev, it is only the taxi system, it did not fall into the personal.

shenzhen municipal government will be the first to introduce a personal subsidy policy. monday, shenzhen development and reform bureau, deputy director of wu delin confirmed to this reporter, shenzhen city, recently introduced four-part market for buses, taxis, public service vehicles and private cars of the subsidy program. the first dual-mode f3dm electric cars have been delivered, the shenzhen municipal government is doing research on the protection of the public to buy. "byd insiders told reporters.

as a result, the the shenzhen confirmation will be new energy vehicles to the introduction of individual subsidies. the informed experts expressed concerns about the introduction of individual subsidies for shenzhen, "we would not object, but you must be able to control is maintained, to avoid the promotion of the early issues that may arise."

in fact, the for f3dm push the consumer market, byd's attitude is also very cautious, "the user's personal use is not convenient and economic factors will be new energy vehicles and our brands have a negative hint, we do not want to over- abuse of market. "it is reported that late last year announced the listing of the f3dm will begin in september this year, the face of personal sales, shenzhen will be the first open cities.