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faw independent et3 engine is the first batch off the assembly line
source:automotive market network author: date:6,10,2012

june 27, self-et3 engine in the car's engine factory assembly line assembly line, which marks the engine plant has had the ability to mass independent et3 engine.

at 9:00 on june 27th 9 points in the engine factory assembly line, with the tao jian deputy director gave an order independent et3 engine assembly. the small quantities of installed invested a total of 17 copies. fitter seriously containing each part, the sweat soaked their clothes, but they completely ignored; field measurement seriously detection of each data and make a record; craft, mechanic, power member, and equipment, security personnel are related to the scene, ready to deal with problems at any time in the assembly process.

xu bo, director and liu chengming secretary went to the assembly site for everyone to help out and encouraging technology center engine minister li fengjun lead part of the design, the ministers of the engine plant, section chiefs have been at the scene.

the joint efforts of all 17 engines were successfully off the assembly line and the first successful ignition. employees who have posed for pictures dressed in saffron first independent engine. independent et3 engine for the first time small quantities off the assembly line, marking the heart of faw have independent car engine plant also marks the car company has the ability to mass production of independent engine.