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road, according to the the heights faw large diesel products by the european union "pass"
source:china faw group author: date:6,10,2012

recently, faw deutz (dalian) engine co., ltd. production of deutz-road engine passed certification of the uk vehicle certification agency (vca), vca issued certification. the deutz engine emissions certification, mainly used to match the construction machinery and generator sets are exported to european markets. passed certification, marking the deutz non-road construction machinery product line with european standards, with a "pass" towards the eu market as a whole.

vca (british vehicle certification authority) is the most authoritative certification body in the european union, is part of the implementing agency of the british ministry of transportation is responsible for the entire european vehicle certification, is also a new british road vehicles, agricultural tractors and off-road machinery products, state-sanctioned institution its certification has been the unanimous approval of the entire eu market under the european economies countries.

in april of this year, for deutz heights faw firewood production of non-road deutz engine automotive test center in jinan, the eu emissions regulations requirements for emissions testing, witnessed by the vca engineer scene. the test consists of 10 of the department of family, a total of 349 models. after a week of testing, various types of engine through the emissions certification. the test is successful, the deutz engine is fully in line with european standards, and the performance indicators are better than the eu regulatory requirements. in may, vca audit team deep into the deutz faw large diesel production site, factory production consistency check. audit team on the quality management system, procurement, process, warehouse, assembly line inspection carried out carefully examine the full range and the entire process. audit experts highly praised the preparation of specifications according to the heights faw dachai program files and quality documentation, production and use of first-class equipment, high precision, advanced management, high quality staff, and fully meet european standards.

deutz faw large diesel industrial engine sales, varieties continue to increase. annual sales from just entering the field of construction machinery only a few hundred now nearly ten thousand units, the first single from ca498 products to the current have ca4dc series ca6de series, deutz 1013 series, deutz 2012 series of multiple product lines, from the only match heli a development supporting the mainstream domestic construction machinery manufacturers.

now, road, according to the heights faw cai industrial engine has entered a number of areas of road machinery, concrete machinery, generator sets, lifting machinery, port machinery, mining machinery, airport equipment, heavy transport, agricultural machinery, industrial pumps, etc.. deutz product not only for xcmg, sany, zoomlion, lingong and other mainstream domestic construction machinery manufacturers in volume production for high-end independent brands of construction machinery to enter the international market in china, "world power", also for bomag, shanghai the no 锡阿特拉斯, wirtgen, sai mai road, deutz and other wholly-owned or joint venture construction machinery, agricultural enterprises in volume production to replace imported products. deutz heights faw firewood production of deutz products, fully meet the diverse needs of domestic and international customers, and promote the international development of china's own brands of construction machinery.