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the liberation of the truck vietnam sales rose contrarian
source:china faw group author: date:6,10,2012

recently, another group of 50 liberation of heavy trucks sold in vietnam. since july last year by the economic crisis and the global financial crisis, the depression of the local market in vietnam to achieve liberation truck contrarian up in recent months, faw heavy truck exports to vietnam totaled 150 the past two years, total exports broke through the 2000.
the upward trend in vietnam, the liberation of heavy trucks mainly due to the liberation of marketable products, faw group import and export company, especially to strengthen the overseas market development efforts, and actively establish the faw brand image, adhere to quality first, service-oriented overseas marketing philosophy. specific performance through the convening of products introduced each year in vietnam north-south to participate in motor show, and other means, and actively promote the liberation of the products; select products suitable for local conditions; the implementation of research on truck demand, the product concentration areas, the implementation of product improvements ; in vietnam, 4s shop, and covers a nationwide sales network and a service station 13 dozens of proxy service station; establish a spare parts store at the border crossings and central cities. vietnamese users through the above measures the liberation of products to enhance understanding and increase confidence, and appreciate in the course of the liberation of products of good quality and perfect service. these fruitful efforts, faw brand and increase their competitiveness, so that the liberation of heavy truck remains in the form of the overall market downturn in vietnam rose contrarian.