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the faw haqing one hundred thousand light truck, laid the first stone
source:china faw group author: date:6,10,2012

faw harbin light automobile co., ltd. 100,000 light truck project has officially founded in harbin. the project total investment of 1.423 billion yuan, the design size 200 000, started in june 2009, was completed in december 2010. ancillary facilities of an engineering building, including stamping, welding, painting, assembly, including the four processes and frame, axles and assembly, and public power systems, plant engineering, design capacity can be 100,000.

it is understood that the the faw haqing 100,000 light truck project is an important part of china faw achieve the target of one million of its own brand, is advancing key projects by the harbin municipal government in 2009, one of the key projects, harbin aviation and automotive industry city, one of the key industrial projects. faw harbin light has 44 years history of automobile production, faw group for 16 years, has been dedicated to the production of the jiefang light truck. bulk exports, the export volume up to 6000/1996. since the enterprise is the transition from the military factory automobile production, layout, process route greatly limits the cost reductions and increased capacity. effective use of existing resources, a good job of cost, quality, and expand the market, china faw in accordance with the specialized requirements of light commercial vehicles, faw harbin light 100,000 light truck project into plant development plan.

in recent years, china faw has been stronger light vehicle system as an important part of the overall strategic objectives. harbin municipal government faw harbin light company's overall relocation of the transformation will also be included in the reconstruction project of the old industrial base. after completion of the project, the faw haqing the company's overall strength will be a qualitative leap. china faw will also work with world-renowned automotive manufacturers to join hands together to build a new business management, product marketing and purchasing network, the liberation of the light truck brand, technology, price advantage to further enhance.

as an important outcome of china faw and the heilongjiang provincial government, located in harbin city of aviation and automotive industries china faw haqing company 100,000 light truck construction project will revitalize the old northeast industrial base, the international financial crisis inject new vitality to the challenges of the automotive industry.